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Client Background

AOL Time Warner is a leading global brand and in the Netherlands is in the business of handling customer service and sales outsourcing for magazines such as Time, Fortune and the National Geographic together with the home shopping of Time Life music and video products.
The customer services operation embraces a multi-lingual contact centre, whitemail and e-mail processing.  It services markets on behalf of it’s own products plus that of other clients in the UK, France, Germany and the Netherlands.

Assignment Requirements and Summary

The delivery of customer service was poor with great customer and client dissatisfaction in all markets.

Prit was selected from a high number of European candidates to:

Review existing customer service and contact centre operation.

Provide leadership and management to all contact centre staff.

Manage third party outsourcer, BT Ignite.

Identify key issues around efficiency, service delivery, service levels, customer dissatisfaction and resourcing.

Identify key areas of improvement for quality, rework and repeat calls.

Produce report of review.

Produce project plan to implement remedial actions and measures.

Present to and seek funding from parent company in Tampa, USA. 

Present findings and solutions to local board of directors, Works Council, staff, stakeholder-clients.

Manage change and cultural issues sensitively in a multi-national environment (staff from 15 nationalities).

Deliver performance to service level for all clients in all markets.

Produce separate plan to migrate calls back from third party outsourcer.

Identify and implement customer retention programme.

Implement and deliver project plan to strict timescales.
Client Testimony from key sponsor and stakeholder:
“Prit provided invaluable clarity and advice to help build the right components to establish a first class call centre service for our clients and customers”.
“Prit’s personal style is engaging and people warmed to his no nonsense approach”.
“Prit was highly focused on working with our organisation and helping us tackle the unique challenges we face in an international marketplace”.

Sue Knights, Senior Vice President, Operations