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Assignment Requirements and Summary 

The contact centre was not functioning at optimum performance levels this, together with a high cost base, was creating some client disquiet. There were a number of fundamental issues to address and key issues Prit dealt with were:

Performance management culture introduced to provide clear leadership and direction for managers.

Performance accountability delivered for all staffing levels.

Introduced staff adherence metrics to build self-managed teams and improve responsive behaviours.

Introduced advisor balanced scorecard - covering quality, productivity, financial and personal measures.

Introduced performance-tracking MI tools to align performance to goals.

Improved real-time active management to manage intra-day performance.

Introduced call type tracking to develop call avoidance strategy.

Team size – two additional team leaders appointed to reduce staffing ratios to 12:1.

Improved resource planning to facilitate effective scheduling around intra-day demand.

High attrition – recruitment process redesigned to include assessment exercises.

Temporary to permanent recruitment process developed to reduce high levels of temporary staff.

Training & Development reviewed to multi-skill staff and improve first call resolution rates.
All key client accounts exceeded client SLAs within two months.