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Summary Assignments (see detailed case studies) 

Call Centre a2z.com (www.cca2z.com) – Founder– (ongoing)

Design and development of the world’s first global online call centre encyclopedia - the Britannica for call centres.  Provides a Knowledge Bank of information and Toolkit resources for downloading.  Everything needed to develop, implement, lead and improve contact centres, covering people, process and technology.

Insurance Broker (see case)

Hired to stabilise performance for insurance broker due to client disquiet.  Reviewed operation and completed successful business transformation to deliver best practice, embed FSA's TCF, change performance and service culture.

npower (see case)

Delivered transformation in culture and behaviours, to dramatically improve customer service.  The introduction of a balanced scorecard provided great focus on quality, rework, productivity, sales and collection rates. 

Within 29 days record service levels were delivered by npower;

Service Levels increased by almost 50% from 61% in August to 91% & 92% for September and October respectively.
Ø       Calls Abandoned improved by 72% to 1.2%
Ø       Average speed of response improved by 81% from 41 seconds to 8 seconds. 

Accident Exchange PLC

Sales operation involving the provision of replacement prestige vehicles to motorists who are involved in non-fault motor accidents.  Achieved record sales from September 2006 – March 2007 

Slough Borough Council (see case)

Slough Borough Council received a 3 star (‘good’) rating from the Audit Commission.  However, an on-going evaluation of citizen’s experience of contacting the council has shown significant levels of dissatisfaction with the service received.  A Best Value review endorsed the need to develop a new Customer Service Centre. Prit was hired, both, to lead customer services and the implementation. 

Prit played a significant role in the development and launch of the centre, which was achieved to the 6-month deadline.  Subsequent to the launch, Prit lead the customer service operation, improving citizen satisfaction and response times. 

London Borough of Newham (see case)

Newham was one of the Best Value pilot authorities and implemented its contact centre 4 years ago.  The council is at the forefront of e-government and receives 500,000 calls a year from council residents.

Enquires can be for housing and council tax enquiries and benefits, rent, social services, education and environmental issues.  

The contact centre performance has been poor over the last year, with long wait times and unresolved calls - the Mayor was looking to treat customers as if they had a choice of service provider.  

Prit has significantly improved call handling capability, delivering outstanding service level performance (62% to 96%). Response time reduced from 43 secs to 5 secs – within 3 months.  A major business transformation was undertaken including processes, people and culture.  A balanced scorecard of KPIs was developed to ensure continued outstanding performance. 

AOL Time Warner (Netherlands) (see case)

AOL Time Warner is a leading global brand and in the Netherlands is in the business of handling customer service and sales outsourcing for magazines such as Time, Fortune and the National Geographic together with the home shopping of Time Life music and video products. 

The delivery of customer service was poor with great customer and client dissatisfaction in all markets.  Prit was selected from a high number of European candidates and successfully completed the assignment, exceeding expectation. 

7C (see case

Outsourcer: completed successful period as contact centre director, achieving 50k targeted sales for ntl – outbound acquisition and up-selling of TV and telephone packages to consumers.  Performance of contact centre was poor, with a number of serious issues, which had to be tackled. 

CC Service Provider (see case) 

Developed business case for a new ‘copyright’ call centre initiative for VC funding – subject to confidentiality agreement.  From a contact centre ‘user’ perspective, Undisclosed Co, asked Prit to investigate and research the feasibility of the impact, service x, would provide to the marketplace.  This involved a number of aspects, in building the business case, which was to be used to seek venture capital funding.  

Leading UK Utility (see case) 

The utility wanted an overview of the key customer service issues across its sites, together with clear deliverable recommendations and above all, leadership.  The utility was under pressure from the regulator, Of***, to improve performance.  Prit successfully reviewed and oversaw the implementation of his recommendations, including many benchmark practices, which did not go unnoticed by the regulator.   

Pitney Bowes Ltd (see case)

Pitney Bowes is the global leader for mailing systems and had a vision to create a UK Customer Contact Centre from its various front-end operations.  The complex consolidation was to include four areas - sales of consumable items, resetting of credit for franking machines, equipment maintenance and a new function, credit control.  Prit successfully project managed the operation to deadline and, at the same time, became a valued and respected member of the team.